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Mold Removal Services – Are they Necessary?


Posted by admin  at October 30th, 2012


Are mold removal service necessary?


It can be pretty exhausting if you discover that you have molds growing at your house that has gone beyond what you can handle on your own. You will be wondering how much mold removal services cost. Let’s be honest, mold removal services are not cheap. But you can’t just leave the mold growing there right? I would say that paying for mold removal services is worth every penny. And also, we are talking here about your family’s safety both environmentally and structurally. You might wonder know if you really need mold removal services, but doing it yourself is unwise, as you do not have complete tools, gears and training to do the job. Hiring mold removal service is your only choice.


If so, here are the 2 things that you should consider when hiring a mold removal service.

1.Liability Insurance


If you encounter a Mold Removal Company that doesn’t have any liability insurance then automatically disregard them. Not to mention the fact that you are taking big risk, for example; if they do some damage in your home, without the insurance, it may not be covered under it. These companies must have a special form of insurance called the environmental pollution insurance.



It is usual for a company to provide both testing and mold removal services, but it is a bad form for a certain company to offer BOTH to the SAME customer. If you didn’t detect the mold growth yourself then it is best to hire to companies. But of course, if you feel comfortable with the company that you hired for mold removal services, you may feel okay to hire them back to test for the next time.



Always make sure that the people you hire will do the work. Do not let the mold removal company make use of subcontractors to perform the actual work. If you invest so much time and resources to make sure that you hired a good company for mold removal services, is insured, properly licensed and won’t mess up the job, all of these things will be thrown out of the picture once the SUBCONTRACTORS enter the scene.




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CRMA performs the job in a very professional manner. We are now happy. At last a MOLD FREE HOUSE. We will definitely recommend your services to our friends, neighbors and relatives.”


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